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Workshops Designed with Creatives in Mind

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So, you think you know what it means to be a creative? Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been an artist for a while, it’s easy to lose yourself in the creative industries. In ‘The Inspirational Artist Workshops’ by Mollie Vaughan Studio, we explore the fundamental principles that will see you survive and thrive as a creative practitioner. These workshops aim to introduce participants to the core foundations that will make them self-sustainable practitioners, with the foresight and knowledge to navigate the highs and lows of the artist’s journey. These first three workshops were part of a pilot series created by Mollie Vaughan Studio and subsidised by Surf Coast Arts Inc. 


Creative Foundations: Establishing the Artist as Creative Business


March 23rd 2023




The Lightbox Torquay

Workshop includes:

Understand the Principles of Creative Thinking

Learn to write about yourself with the Artist Bio

Find your audience so you can market yourself effectively

Understand the pros and cons of commercialising creative practice

Learn how to build economic price structures within your practice that will see your business grow

Explore the direct correlations between money and personal value

Learn effective ways to build professionalism and confidence in creative business


Creating Awareness: The Digital Artist


May 18th 2023




The Lightbox Torquay

Workshop includes:

Determine which digital tools work best for your practice with Mollie Vaughan Studio's 'Hierarchy of Digital necessity'

Learn how to translate your artist identity online

Explore the basics of website development and SEO so you can market yourself effectively online

Establish your metrics for success in the digital space

Understand the algorithms of social media so you can make them work for you!

Tips and advice on developing a social media strategy that works for your practice


Learn to create systems of awareness for online marketing strategies


The Exhibiting Artist: Evolving your Practice for the Gallery Space


July 13th 2023




The Lightbox Torquay

Workshop includes:

Learn how to evolve creative practice for the exhibition space

Develop key research skills to enhance folio development and create a sustainable studio practice

Understand the importance of networking and collaboration within the creative industries

Enhance your networking skills to grow your practice and score those project/exhibition opportunities!

Recognise your unique art style and use this to target the right galleries for you

Meet the gallery team behind your exhibition and learn how to work with them successfully

Learn to navigate and exhibit in the gallery space with creative awareness

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Narelle Craven

Artist and Graphic Designer

"Mollie was extremely knowledgeable and informative. The session was a real eye opener and 'aha' moment."
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