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A most sacred site you could never reach good res fragments.jpg


In the beginning there was only an empty darkness, or so they say. In its web, stretching over the vastness of a primordial universe, this seemingly empty void held within it, all the ingredients needed to bring forth life. That spark of existence which appeared from apparent extinction, which overtime would evolve into the universe we know today. Divine Cosmologies adopts its concepts from known explorations of Quantum Theory and extends my research of Chaos Theory, exploring the uniqueness of the human mind’s ability to construct and reinforce the limits of its own reality within nature’s chaotic systems. The anthropomorphic narrative which tells of this power of perception to systemically create and destroy, devises an energetic substance that intrinsically links us to this primordial space, connecting all thought to reality. It is through explorations of light and abstraction formed using cameraless techniques, micro/macro photography and digital manipulation, that I mirror these artificial realities of ‘being’ and perceived ‘oneness’ with the universe. From divine beings to science’s modern alchemy, out of nature’s mystical abstraction, we form patterns and identify symbols all in a bid to understand ourselves. From a primordial void in us all lies the colours and sudden birth of light spoken about since time immemorial. Life and death, potential and being-ness. Did humanity create its own existence? It is here we gather in a place of primordial darkness; herein lies within this temple all the knowledge we seek to create our own divine cosmologies....

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