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About the Studio

Support human to community

Mollie Vaughan is the founder of Mollie Vaughan Studio where she is a counsel and consultant to community organisations and businesses. Mollie was raised, being deeply aware of her ancestors’ teachings, and thus, has always understood that the nurturing of change-makers, cultural leaders and creative innovators are vital in maintaining overall community wellness and fostering societal healing.

*Please see my CV below for more info*

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The Story

Mollie Vaughan is a descendant of the Bean Fease (Scottish wise woman), Community Activist, and Consultant. During the pandemic Mollie worked as a community arts worker and watched many of her mentors and peers struggle as this time highlighted the underlying fragility of our global community. It wasn’t until her own ancestral pilgrimage did Mollie fully understand the impact that nurturing community and supporting local businesses and organisations had on healing this global dis-ease. Nowadays, you can find Mollie working with cultural practitioners (including the metaphysical, indigenous and creative communities) and the community services sector (including social service workers, counsellors/psychologists, allied health practitioners and community development organisations) who equally align with her vision.

'We may not see it beneath the surface of the soil, but much like trees in a forest, we are all interconnected at our roots to each other. This is the symbiotic cycle which supports healthy community growth.'

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Having spent some years within the community space, I have become a passionate advocate for the ways in which the community and cultural sector provides a sense of identity, belonging and security for many individuals. Through my business I support my client's mission to give back to their respective communities by creating frameworks which encourage long-term sustainable strategies whilst emphasising the importance of maintaining mental and spiritual wellbeing in this process. Equally, supporting projects locally and abroad which focus on mental health and community development are at the forefront of my vision.

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