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My Services

Thank you for checking out the services offered by Mollie Vaughan Studio!

All clients who I work with are guided by core, foundational philosophies which create a sustainable and holistic practice and that nurture each individual’s personality as expressed through their craft. Each session together aims to support clients on their journey toward achieving a deeper connection to themselves and to their goals.

Creative, cultural and community businesses are a diverse bunch and that's why my studio aims to adapt to you. Every client is unique and different. If you have a task or project that needs to be completed or you are seeking some guidance, contact me below and we can organise a free, 30-minute consult over zoom so you can be certain that I am the right fit for you! 


*If you are a group or organisation, please enquire via email here, to create a package which is customisable to your project or outcome*

The Studio Assistant
Consult Packages

If the demands of running your practice/business are just becoming too much but you’re still wanting to develop more career-ready skills or you need some help organising your busy schedule, then look no further! Allow me to be the assistant you need so you can keep doing what you love and sharing your ideas with the world whilst supporting your personal wellbeing. Contact me and organise a package which is customised to you!

Full Package
8x2 hour sessions

Ideal for those that desire a full review of their practice or business, as well as extensive professional development support. This package is also best for clients who need specialist assistance on medium sized projects.

Half Package
4x2 hour sessions

Designed for those that require targeted professional development for a particular area of their practice or business. This package is also best for clients who need specialist assistance on small sized projects.

Mini Package
2x2 hour sessions

Perfect for those who require immediate/urgent assistance on tasks related to their practice or business.


Digital Support Packages

Social Media Assistant
2x2 hour sessions

This service is designed for those who need support or guidance with their social media presence, especially those who are looking to transition online.

Basic 4-page website

If you need a brand-new website or need an old website redeveloped, my Website Development package can provide you with a professional and personalised website to suit your expression.

*from $2500
Photography Packages
Portraits/Product Shoots

Options include:

Product photography

Studio Portrait photography

Photographs for the reproduction or merchandising of original designs (artworks) on prints or products

*from $450


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Annette Wagner (Artist-PhD Candidate)-The Studio Assistant & Website Maintenance 

As I entered into my PhD, I reached out to Mollie to assist with developing a relevant list of National and International residencies and opportunities, as well as editing, and website support. Mollie's time and output during our contract was a valuable investment and she was consistently transparent, thorough and positive to work with. As a practicing artist herself, she has the ability to be creative, produce and apply her business acumen offering ongoing support. I can highly recommend her to artists and creatives establishing themselves through the multitude of services she offers. 

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