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Terms and Conditions

Thank you so much for visiting my website and being interested in my services. Below, is all the legal stuff you need to know about Mollie Vaughan Studio. If you have any enquiries please contact me directly via email....

All artworks and services are created and owned by Mollie Vaughan.  The term “Mollie Vaughan Studio,” refers to the trading name of which is owned by Mollie Vaughan. By purchasing from Mollie Vaughan Studio, you agree and are bound to the terms and conditions of the service.

It is important that you read and understand these terms and conditions before proceeding with any transactions made to Mollie Vaughan Studio. If there is any term that you do not understand or do not agree to, please contact Mollie Vaughan directly. This agreement only extends between you the client and Mollie Vaughan Studio.

Purpose and Effect:

These terms and conditions set out all the terms of agreement, in relation to the distribution, sale and purchase of works and services, provided by Mollie Vaughan Studio. Mollie Vaughan Studio confirms that the creation and ownership of all works and services are authorised to be provided and sold on behalf of Mollie Vaughan.

Statements and Information about the work:

  • All statements and information made about works and services are subject to Mollie Vaughan Studio as to the authenticity, attribution, description, date, age, provenance, title or condition of these works and service.

  • The information aforementioned is constitute to judgement and opinion only of Mollie Vaughan Studio and reserves all rights of intellectual property to Mollie Vaughan.

  • Mollie Vaughan Studio does not except any liability as a result of changes in expert opinion which may take place prior, during or subsequent to the purchase of works or services.

  • Mollie Vaughan Studio does not except any liability for changes in information and statements about its own works and services; it is the responsibility of the customer to remain informed and not to base decisions exclusively on information provided by Mollie Vaughan Studio.

Governing Copyright Law

  • The Copyright law of Australia defines the legally enforceable rights to creators of artistic works and services under Australian Law.

  • Mollie Vaughan Studio is covered by the Australian Copyright Act (1968). All works and services are owned by Mollie Vaughan Studio; by agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, distribute, or exploit any portion of works or services created and owned by Mollie Vaughan Studio upon and after their purchase.

  • Mollie Vaughan Studio holds the right to any changes of works and services, as it is the intellectual property of Mollie Vaughan Studio and is not liable for any changes that occur subsequent to the sale of these works or services.

  • Mollie Vaughan Studio also reserves the right to intellectual ownership of its works  and services prior to sale. Any works that are distributed through other platforms (including online and social media) are covered by the Australian Copyright Act (1968)- right of attribution, and as such, must be credited (and with appropriate links if it applies) to Mollie Vaughan Studio.


Pricing and Purchase

  • All works and services provided by Mollie Vaughan Studio are subject to the legal requirements of Australian Consumer Law (2010).

  • Mollie Vaughan Studio is not liable for any changes in price on works and services that have not already been purchased by the customer.

  • Mollie Vaughan Studio is not liable for any damages to works made by the customer or other third party subsequent to the delivery of works. Customers may request repairs to damaged works; however, the customer will incur the full payment of repairs subject to the aforementioned conditions. 

  • Upon completion of any consult/studio assistant sessions, website maintenance or social media assistant services (those services which are purchased on an hourly rate), an invoice will be issued which must be paid within 7 days after the completion of these services.


Additional travel charges:

  • In cases where clients wish for an in-person consultation but live more than 20 minutes from Mollie Vaughan Studio, additional travel expenses will be applied separately to the costs of services, packages or production of works.



Social Media Management:

  • All social media management packages purchased from Mollie Vaughan Studio must be paid upfront after the initial consultation session as part of this package has been completed. The invoice from this service must be paid within 7 days of issue.


Photographic Content Creator:

  • For both the Photographic Content Creator (Studio Portrait Photoshoot) and Photographic Content Creator (Artwork Reproduction) packages, a 50% deposit on relevant packages must be paid upon the completion of photographic shoots within 7 days of the invoice being issued.

  • Once photographs have been edited, Mollie Vaughan Studio will email clients a web-resolution draft copy of their chosen images. Once approved by the client, Mollie Vaughan Studio will send a final invoice with the remaining amount to be paid by the client regarding their relevant package within 7 days of issue.

  • Once final payment has been received, Mollie Vaughan Studio will send final images to clients in the resolutions appropriate to the package purchased.



  • For websites, a brief and agreement will be issued between Mollie Vaughan Studio and the client (including deadlines).

  • Upon commencement of the website build, a 50% deposit must be paid upfront within 7 days.

  • Once the initial four pages of the website have been reviewed by the client and necessary amendments made, a final invoice will be issued.

  • If clients wish to purchase extra pages for their website, these extra costs will be issued in a separate invoice for the full cost of the website.

  • Upon completion of the website (domain is connected and website published) passwords and Log In details will be provided to the client for their access.

  • Clients must provide all written and visual content (unless the client has requested photographic content or written material be created by Mollie Vaughan Studio in which case, further costs will be added to website costs outlined in the original agreement).



  • For commissions, a brief and contract agreement will be issued between Mollie Vaughan Studio and the client (including deadlines).

  • In the initial consultation to discuss the client’s vision for the work, framing and printing will also be discussed.

  • A 50% deposit will be paid upfront for the commencement of the commission piece.

  • After the review of initial design mock-ups a further 30% payment of the initial quote will be paid by the client.

  • The final 20% of the initial quote will be paid upon the delivery of the final work.


Returns and Refunds Policy

  • Mollie Vaughan Studio’s Returns and Refunds Policy is subject to Australian Consumer Law (2010).

  • Under the conditions of the Australia Consumer Law (2010), change of mind refunds will not be accepted.

  • No exchange of services or works will be given and services or works previously purchased must be paid in full before transitioning to another kind of service or purchasing other works provided by Mollie Vaughan Studio.

  • Where there is reasonable grounds to argue that expectations or briefs created for clients upon the purchase of services and commissions (works) have not been met and where the client has requested a refund, the client may be subject to a refund subsequent to negotiations between the client and Mollie Vaughan Studio.

  • Commissions or pre-created works will not be refunded under any circumstances unless damage to works has been incurred through packaging or process of delivery.



Privacy Policy

  • All personal information will not be distributed to third parties, however, will be recorded for the purpose of any future transactions made to Mollie Vaughan Studio.

  • Clients will be subscribed to the quarterly email published by Mollie Vaughan Studio upon the beginning of work, so they receive important updates from the studio in a timely manner. It is at the discretion of clients to inform Mollie Vaughan if they wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

  • All personal client information received from the purchase of works or services is stored on external devices for the safety and security of such information.

  • Any services in process between Mollie Vaughan Studio and the client are completely confidential unless otherwise stated by the client.

  • Upon the completion of services or works, Mollie Vaughan may at her request, ask clients for feedback to help improve services in the future.

  • Upon the completion of services or works, Mollie Vaughan may at her request, ask clients for a testimonial which at the client’s discretion may be used for promotional material across print and digital platforms.


Environmental policy

Mollie Vaughan Studio operates through an environmentally conscious practice and thus, aims to create works and provide services that are completely carbon neutral and produce no waste. By aligning with an eco-conscious practice, Mollie Vaughan Studio aims to actively engaging in the environmental impacts of its operations and artistic processes.

These are some of the practices that have already been implemented:

Printing/Framing locally to reduce carbon emissions from transportation.

Introduction of eco-friendly printing using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks on printed promotional materials.

Works are framed under UV glass and with UV mountboard to reduce the fading of colours and other damages to work overtime, meaning they last longer without needing to be replaced or repaired periodically.

Works are packaged/transported using recycled bubble wrap, cardboard and other recycled materials which are then reused for transportation of other works. All services are provided completely online when applicable to reduce emissions from fuel exhaust as well as reducing paper wastage.


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